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ISOIL solutions for the energy efficiency of airports and shopping centers

Energy consumption for heating and cooling of large non-residential buildings, such as shopping centers and airports, is very high and measuring the thermal energy is necessary to make HVAC systems more efficient, generating significant cost savings. ISOIL provides a wide range of measuring instruments for this application: flow meters, converters, energy calculators, temperature probes.


Shopping centers and airports: extremely energy-intensive structures

Shopping centers, many of which are open more than twelve hours a day and seven days a week, are among the most energy-intensive buildings: they consume over 500 kWh per square meter annually, a quantity that is up to four or five times higher than energy consumption of residential buildings; refrigerated counters, lighting systems, air conditioning and ventilation systems, escalators and open doors greatly affect their energy balance.
Airport facilities are also very energy-intensive, although there is a significant variability from structure to structure depending on the size, geographical location, number of passengers and users, number of plants, etc .: it is estimated that daily consumption of electrical and thermal energy of a large airport is equivalent to that of a city of 100,000 inhabitants. Electricity, heating and cooling are widely used to ensure passenger comfort and adequate air conditioning of the environments (50% of the total energy in airports is consumed by HVAC systems).

According to some studies of the European Commission, it is possible to save up to 10% of the overall needs of airports thanks to the energy monitoring of all the systems which, once the critical points have been identified, can be subjected to improvements to make them more efficient.
The energy efficiency of commercial and airport infrastructures, achievable only with the use of reliable measurement technologies, also has positive consequences on the environment since it involves a lower consumption of natural resources and a reduction in CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.


“Solutions that matter” for flow and thermal energy measurement for the HVAC & R sector

ISOIL provides accurate and reliable measurement technologies for the energy efficiency of shopping malls, airports and other large buildings as well as residential buildings.
Among these:

For flow measurement we offer the MS 2500 ISOMAG: it is a flanged sensor for universal use, suitable for all applications and flow ranges and available with a wide range of diameters; the precision and repeatability data depend on the converter chosen for coupling.








Very often used and appreciated in airports (in the image above you can see an example of installation in the cogeneration plant that provides energy for heating and cooling at the Rome Fiumicino airport), is the clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter IFX-F100.
It is a non-intrusive technology, whose installation does not require cutting the pipes and allows to avoid a great waste of time as well as the blocking of supplies; the measurement principle is based on transit time with DSP technology for greater precision and offers a bidirectional measurement with totalization function; it is also equipped with a large data logger for storing up to 1,000,000 data in 100,000 records.

Particularly suitable for applications in environments with high humidity or where local indication of the flow rate value is not required is the ultra-compact converter for flow meters MV800 ISOMAG; it is suitable for coupling to all ISOMAG sensors in the case of full passage sensors up to DN400 and can be used for flow measurements on liquids with a minimum conductivity of 20 µS/cm with accuracy ± 0.5% of the measured value.



Fast in the calculation, accurate in the measure and easy to use, the MV311 ISONRG energy calculator is designed for applications such as cogeneration and energy efficiency and can also act as a simple centralizer for different energy carriers; it guarantees flexibility thanks to the “Quick Setup” function, which allows the modification, before installation, of some parameters usually blocked by the MID.



Another thermal energy meter particularly suitable for applications in shopping centers, offices and light industry is the IFX-E3 ISOFLUX; it is equipped with an internal memory that allows to record hourly (1480 data), daily (1130 data) and monthly (36 data) frequency and the stored values can then be made available for other processing; thanks to the “ONE” (Optimized & Nimble Editing) function it is possible to modify some metrological parameters related to the MID (vector fluid measurement side, energy measure unit, activation and value of the input/output additional pulses).


Among the sensors supplied by ISOIL for temperature measurement we suggest the platinum resistance temperature sensors PLH ISONRG; they work on the basis of the variation of the electrical resistance of the sensitive element which is proportional to the variation of the temperature of the average measured object.



Our specialists are at your disposal to show you in detail the characteristics of these and other technologies, to provide you with advice and to support you in their installation and implementation.