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Thermal energy and heat meter IFX-E3 ISOFLUX


The thermal energy and heat meter IFX-E3 is designed for domestic and service sector applications and links the flexibility of the “ONE” function (Optimized & Nimble Elaboration) with the opportunity to have different protocols simultaneously.

Its precision features make it the perfect instrument for shopping malls, offices and light industries applications, in addition to the classic residential applications.

Equipped with an internal memory that allows the recording with hourly, daily and monthly frequency, the heat meter can have up to three protocols simultaneously (two radio and one wired) and can be completed with two input/output pulse contacts.

The “ONE” (Optimized & Nimble Editing) function allows the modification before installation of some metrological parameter even when the instrument is MID approved.

Technical Specifications
Technical Data
Omologation & Certifications
Brochure & Data Sheet

The thermal energy and heat meter IFX-E3, flow meters, energy meters, ultrasonic flowmeters, and industrial automation systems have been ISOIL Industria‘s passion and continuous research since 1958, and for any information or advice please do not hesitate to contact our specialists.

Technical Specifications

  • Measuring range from 0,6m3/h to 60m3/h
  • Size from ¾” to DN100
  • Nominal pressure PN16 o PN25
  • Execution T90 o T130
  • Function ONE
  • Three protocols simultaneously

Technical Data

  • Power supply 12.24Vac/dc; 230Vac, Battery/ies
  • Precision Class 2
  • Protection degree IP65 (IP67 or IP68 optional)
  • Connections threaded or flanged
  • Maximum Power value 5,28MW
  • Pulse Inputs type IB
  • Maximum admissible frequency for pulse Inputs 3Hz
  • Maximum admissible tension for pulse Inputs 3,6V
  • Pulse Outputs’ class OB
  • Pulse Outputs type Open Collector
  • Admissible current for Pulse Outputs 20mA
  • Admissible tension for Pulse Outputs 24V
  • Pulse Outputs’ Length 125ms.
  • Available protocols Mbus, WMbus, MODbus,  BACnet, LoRaWan.

Omologation & Certifications

Brochure & Data Sheet

Brochure download

Data Sheet download

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