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How much water does artificial intelligence consume?

In a previous article we addressed the topic of energy consumption of data centers and solutions for improving their energy efficiency. Another important issue that...
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Water sector challenges and innovations at the WDSA/CCWI conference

We are proud to be Gold Sponsor of the joint WDSA/CCWI (Water Distribution Systems Analysis / Computing and Control for the Water Industry) conference, an...
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IFAT 2024 the world’s leading trade fair: we look forward to seeing you!

IFAT, the biennial world’s leading trade fair for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management, will take place in Munich, Germany, from May 13 to...
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isoil industria isomag

The electromagnetic flow meters ISOMAG are a complete range of instruments for measuring from DN3 to DN2000 and pressure up to 250 bar. They are available in compact or separate version, wafer (up to DN400) or flanged mounting, with a wide range of options for electrodes and lining materials. The ISOMAG range includes sanitary design 3A certified for food applications, or WRAS approved material for drinking water applications. ISOMAG flow meters are MID001 and MID004 and OIML R49-1 certified making them suitable for custody transfer purpose. A range of insertion flow meters allow installation and removal from the pipe while under pressure.

isoil industria isonrg

The electrical and thermical energy meters ISONRG can be connected to any kind of flow meter with pulse or analog output such as: turbines, volumetric woltmann, impellers, single or multi jet, ultrasonic (ISOFLUX series) and electromagnetic meters (ISOMAG series).
ISONRG is certified MID004 referring to EN1434 norms according to European Directives 2004/22.
The ISONRG heat meter is suitable for fluids such as water or water-glycol mixtures and has an automatic switch from hot to cool seasons.

isoil industria isoflux

A range of ultrasonic flowmeters for water, flow and heat. Application field include simple water metering to accurate measurement of thermal energy consumption and heating/cooling.
The ultrasonic flowmeters can be battery or mains powered for installation in closed or open loop heating and water consumption system

isoil industria isodam

ISOIL Data Acquisition and Management software, is a tool to enhance the Flowiz’s powerful communication capabilities, allowing easy data collection, data and meter performance analysis, water leakage control, remote and/or predictive maintenance, alarms and events management, accurate identification and location of your instruments through an easy Google Map application.

misuratori di portata flowmeters

ISOIL Industria offers solutions, systems and instrumentation for the measurement, automation and control of industrial processes.

In Italy and abroad we operate in various sectors: the integrated water cycle, agriculture, HVAC and thermal energy measurement, cogeneration, district heating, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, oil and others.

We offer state-of-the-art, certified solutions (MID01, MID04, OIML R49, SIL, PED, Atex and others) organized in specific product lines for different applications.

The proprietary brands, ISOMAG electromagnetic flowmeters, ISOFLUX ultrasonic flowmeters, ISONRG thermal energy counters, ISOD@M data acquisition and management software, MORE+ environmental monitoring services for water and/or waste water distribution networks, search for parasitic waters and measurement campaigns.

We represent leading foreign companies, offering a complete solutions in terms of flow, level, analysis and hardware systems.

With the LIBRA calibration center, we issue ACCREDIA certificates for the calibration of any liquid flow meter.

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