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Energy calculator MV311 ISONRG


The new energy calculator MV311 Isonrg is designed for industrial applications and ensures flexibility thanks to the “Quick Setup” function with different options unique in the market; fast in the calculation, accurate in the measure, while being easy to use.

This calculator designed for applications such as cogeneration, energy efficiency or acting as a simple centralizer for various energy carriers.

The MV311 Isonrg can include a 4GB memory that allows 1 second interval recording of all measured values, alarms, and events. Stored data can be transferred and processed through the freely available MCP management software, equipped with 4 pulse inputs (one for thermal vector, two for volumetric totalizers and one auxiliary input for totalizer with different measure units) with the possibility to have two pulses and two analog outputs configurable by the user.

The Ethernet connection enables the energy calculator, to work with up to different IP protocols, to have access to typical Ethernet services, and to be powered with the PoE option.
The “Quick Setup” function guides the user through an initial configuration menu.

At the end of the menu the energy calculator is sealed compliant with the indications of the MID Directive.

Technical Specifications
Technical Data
Approvals & Certificates
Brochure & Data Sheet

The energy calculator MV311, flow meters, energy meters, ultrasonic flowmeters, and industrial automation systems have been ISOIL Industria‘s passion and continuous research since 1958, and for any information or advice please do not hesitate to contact our specialists.

Technical Specifications

  • MID approved for water and water/glycol
  • QUICK SETUP function
  • Four pulse inputs
  • Analogic or digital Input for thermal vector fluid
  • Stand-alone configuration through USB cable

Technical Data

  • 128×48 dot backlit graphic display with 6 lines
  • 24-36Vac power supply; 45-66Vdc, 110-240Vac, PoE
  • Class 2 according to EN1434
  • Protection degree IP65
  • Temperature probes accepted PT100, PT500 and PT1000
  • Temperature probes’ connection 2 or 4-wires
  • Digital inputs 4
  • Analog inputs 1
  • Digital outputs 2
  • Analog outputs 2
  • Memory for measurements, alarms and events on 4Gb SdCard
  • Available protocols Mbus, MODbus, BACnet

Approvals & Certificates

Brochure & Data Sheet

Brochure download

Data Sheet download

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