ISOIL Industria Spa

2022: Always on the path of quality, of innovation and respect for the environment

2021 has ended and we want to retrace the various activities carried out by ISOIL Industria and thank employees, collaborators, leading foreign manufacturers, customers in Italy and abroad and all those who continue to trust our company.
We renew our commitment to be at your side to face future measurement challenges with high quality tools and solutions, with an eye to environmental sustainability.


During 2021 ISOIL Industria carried out its activity by making a valuable contribution wherever there was the need for automation and process control of flow rate, pressure, levels, temperatures, thermal energy, environmental parameters, etc …
Our customers all over the world have satisfied their application needs in numerous sectors (water, food & beverage, energy, transport, hvac, oil & gas…).
This was possible thanks to the products made by the company (electromagnetic and ultrasonic flow meters, energy calculators,) and to those made by the companies for which ISOIL is the exclusive distributor in Italy, including DEUTA-WERKE, NIVELCO, Rezatec, S::can, Telco Sensors, Syrinix, Heinrichs, Jaquet and many others.

In the difficult period of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have always put people first: our attention has always been focused on the quality of human relationships and we believe that work is an extraordinary opportunity for human development. We have strengthened our workforce by welcoming five new hires, driven by the desire of continuous improvement and confidence in the future.

We have prepared and maintained safe working environments to spread and consolidating a culture of safety and health at work, enhancing smart working.
We organized and took part in many live streaming training activities, including: the “Mission Hydrogen” webinar, about the most important issues in the hydrogen sector; the webinar “Measurement solutions for energy carriers and biogas market” during which we presented our portfolio of products and solutions for the biogas sector, currently one of the leading sectors for the green transition; the “Water IDEAS” conference, during which, together with the HERA group, we discussed the topic of breakdown rate analysis and presented best practices in the efficient and innovative management of water networks.


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There was no lack of opportunities to meet in person at events and fairs such as “Richmond Energy Business Forum Spring“, in the evocative location of the former Capuchin Monastery in Gubbio, during which we explored the opportunities of the growing demand for energy efficiency; the “mcTER” exhibitions (Conference and Exhibition on Solutions and technologies for Biomethane-Biogas-Biomass plants), “EXPO Ferroviaria“, the only B2B fair dedicated exclusively to the railway sector in Italy and “H20-ACCADUEO” (the International Exhibition of technologies for the treatment and distribution of drinking water and wastewater treatment), where we exhibited our leading products and services for the water sector; and again the “WETEX 2021 & Dubai Solar Show” trade fair event dedicated to energy, water conservation and construction of a sustainable environment.

With regard to this issue, during the year we continued to pursue the improvement of our environmental performance by minimizing the risks associated with the activities carried out and the products and services provided: also for the coming year, our company is committed to acting socially responsible and to meet the needs of customers by safeguarding environmental resources. A heartfelt thanks to all those who support, appreciate and trust our work!

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