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Expensive bills: save on thermal energy consumption with the IFX-E3 meter

The rise in energy prices is a real emergency that is affecting families and the production system. In this scenario, the intelligent monitoring of consumption plays an important role in the pursuit of energy efficiency and in the fight against waste, which also involves considerable economic savings. ISOIL Industria recommends the use of the IFX-E3 thermal energy meter, a precise and flexible instrument designed for the domestic and tertiary sector, but also suitable for applications in shopping centers, offices and light industry.


The rise in energy prices: the current situation

What is happening is a real energy earthquake that is heavily affecting companies and families in Europe: the data presented by Arera – the Authority for the regulation of public energy, water and waste services – reveal that, compared to the first quarter 2021, in the first quarter of 2022 the increases were 131% for electricity (from 20.06 to 46.03 euro cents per kilowatt hour, including taxes) and + 94% for natural gas (from 70.66 to 137, 32 euro cents per cubic meter, including taxes).
The rise, which began at the end of 2020, is due to many factors, including mainly: the recovery in post lockdown consumption; the tiring recovery of raw material output, delayed maintenance, jamming of supply chains and skyrocketing raw material prices; the face-to-face competition between Asia and Europe for LNG and the crisis in the spot prices of gas and coal for electricity generation; the speculation and financialization of the ETS (Emission trading system, or CO2 emission permits) markets and consequently also of the energy ones; increasingly frequent extreme weather events; the EU’s increasingly ambitious but lonely regulatory action on reducing emissions; the increase in geopolitical tensions with Russia and China.
While the great political issues are taking their course and the governments of European countries are implementing various measures to deal with the emergency (from the containment of tariffs, to the protection of small consumers and vulnerable groups …) it would be important for citizens to commit to reducing consumption.


The accounting of thermal energy

About 40% of the energy used in Europe is consumed in buildings, of which about 80% for heating and cooling.
To save on the bill, we recommend the installation of a heat metering system, made mandatory by law in condominiums and in multifunctional buildings heated by a centralized system.
The energy metering systems of individual housing units allow consumers to have easy access to their consumption data and consequently to change their habits to save energy.
The introduction of thermal energy meters generates a reduction in heating/cooling demand which is generally estimated between 10 and 30%.


The IFX-E3 thermal energy meter produced by ISOIL Industria

The new thermal energy IFX-E3 ISOFLUX is the ideal measuring instrument for shopping malls, offices and light industries applications, in addition to the classic residential applications.

It offers great flexibility thanks to the “ONE” function (Optimized & Nimble Editing) which allows you to modify some metrological parameters even when the instrument is MID approved.
This change must be done before the first liter of water has passed and the editable parameters are: vector fluid measurement side, Energy measure unit, activation and value of the input/output additional pulses.

The IFX-3 is equipped with an internal memory that allows the recording with hourly frequency (1480 values), daily frequency (1130 values) and monthly frequency (36 values) of the measured values for subsequence processing.
The presence of two slots for the protocols makes easy instrument integration with both existing and the new networks. The available wired protocols are Mbus, Modbus and BACnet, the wireless protocols are WMbus and LoRaWan.

ISOIL Industria is at your disposal to show you in detail the strengths of the IFX-E3, to listen to the needs related to your specific application and to answer your questions and do not hesitate to contact our specialist