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18th september: World Water Monitoring Day

Monitoring is a fundamental operation to collect information on the conditions of waterways, lakes, coastal waters… Established in 2003 by America’s Clean Water Foundation  (ACWF), World Water Monitoring Day is an opportunity to remind the importance of water resources and to promote initiatives for the protection of its quality.


Protecting the precious water resource: a must for everyone

In the 2020 edition of the “United Nations World Water Development Report” we read alarming data: by 2030 a global water shortage of 40% is expected; about 4 billion people for at least one month a year already live in conditions of severe water scarcity; the consumption of water resources is growing at a rate of about 1% per year and has increased 6 times in the last century. The situation is worsened by the increasingly frequent extreme climatic events that cause droughts and floods.
Each of us in occasion of the “World Day of Water Monitoring” is invited to become aware of the critical situation and to contribute to the resolution of problems related to water. A first step to do this, can be to partecipate in the program created by the non-profit organization EarthEcho International: the “World Water Monitoring Challenge”, later called “EarthEcho Water Challenge”.


The “EarthEcho Water Challenge” program

From March 22 (the World Water Day established by the United Nations) until December 31, citizens of all ages are allowed to carry out on a day of their choice, through a test kit, the water sampling and the monitoring of basic parameters (temperature, pH, turbidity and dissolved oxygen) of their local water bodies (lakes, streams, rivers, ponds…). The results of the monitoring are then published on the website and contribute to create an international database.
The initiative therefore satisfies the need to have better hydrological data available in many parts of the world and to coordinate the information collected.
Citizens who get involved in monitoring become aware of the quality of the water resource present in their community and share their experience on social networks using the hashtag #MonitorWater and @EarthEcho. The project already involves a network of citizens from over 140 countries


Cutting-edge measurement solutions for the water sector

intelligenza artificiale

ISOIL Industria technologies are excellent allies in the fight against water waste. Thanks to the software based on geospatial technologies and artificial intelligence, developed in collaboration with Rezatec, it is possible to detect the sections of the network with the highest probability of failure.




In addition, the innovative service of Syrinix Ltd distributed exclusively on the Italian market by ISOIL based on pressure measurements in normal and
transient conditions and the auscultation of network noises through the small Pipeminder battery-powered wireless sensors, allows you to locate with extreme precision of water losses and critical phenomena that are generated in networks under pressure.



Misuratore di portata ad inserzione compatto senza indicatore CS3795 ISOMAGTo carry out temporary measurement campaigns, line monitoring and leak detection, the use of ISOMAG electromagnetic insertion flow meters is the ideal solution.



sonda_spettofotometrica_scanISOIL also meets the needs of analyzing water quality with s::can probes: these are multiparameter probes that can measure the ph of the water, conductivity, salinity, free and total chlorine, dissolved oxygen and, with the spectrometer probes, even organic parameters, nitrates and others parameter detecting substances that can absorb in the UV and Visible spectrum. For further information our specialists are available.