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Proper waste water management at airports with ISOMAG

Cam Ranh International Airport is the main civil airport serving Khanh Hoa province and the Southernmost provinces of Central Vietnam.  The airport welcomes more than 8.5 million passengers and the increasing number of tourists has made clear the need for proper management of both the water supply and the discharge of waste water into the surrounding environment. The most suitable solution involved the installation by our on-site distributor of our ISOMAG meter and converter.


In addition to the supply of clean water, the management and controlled disposal of waste water (from parking areas, restaurants and kitchens, toilets, passenger terminals, aircraft refueling areas…) is also part of the airports’ sustainability objectives: the quantity and quality of wastewater must fall within the limits established by the sector’s environmental legislation in force.



Magnetic flowmeters are today the best solution for measuring the flow rate of wastewater and in general of any liquid with a minimum conductivity of 5 µS/cm thanks to their characteristics: the wide range of diameters available, non-intrusiveness, simplicity of operation, the high precision in the linear measurement of the flow rate, the non-influence of the measurement due to the physical parameters, density, temperature, viscosity, etc.


The challenge

In Cam Ranh Airport, there was a need to measure the amount of sewage by installing a two-way, electrically powered flow meter inside a hole in the deep and narrow ground. The discharge capacity was 1000 m3/day.



The solution

The solution involved the use of our ISOMAG MS2500 sensor, DN150 IP68, combined with a converter from the ISOMAG line converter inserted in a stainless steel case.

All meters of the ISOMAG line are calibrated on ISO17025 certified calibration benches and the original accuracy is guaranteed for the entire life of the meter if it operates in accordance with its technical characteristics.

The installation of the IP68-rated device made it possible to easily and reliably measure the volume of wastewater under difficult environmental conditions (the climate in Cam Ranh is warm all year round, with average temperatures of 30°C).

The airport had the obligation to submit periodic reports to the environmental authorities and the accurate measurement of the wastewater flow rate provided essential data to prepare these reports, demonstrating compliance with environmental laws and standards.
The data obtained were also useful for determining the operating costs associated with water management in the airport complex and for carrying out a more rigorous control of wastewater disposal costs and better investment planning.


For any information and/or advice on the correct management of water supply and the efficient discharge of waste water into the surrounding environment, our technical/commercial specialists are always at your disposal and please do not hesitate to contact them.