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MV155 wireless data logger: convenience, flexibility and maximum data security

Wireless data loggers are the evolution of wired devices for monitoring and recording measurements, in real time or at set intervals, of various physical and chemical quantities (temperature, humidity, pressure, air velocity, CO2, UV…).
They offer unparalleled flexibility, which allows them to be used in multiple fields of application. Our MV155 is the ideal wireless data logger for measuring and recording data relating to flow, pressure and fluid level. Let’s see what are the main features of this instrument and its typical applications.


Orient yourself in the correct choice of the data logger

The data loggers accept inputs from multiple devices, both analog and digital, able to record signals from the various meters by sampling them at regular intervals.
They can store data received from multiple instruments, therefore monitor different parameters at the same time, which can then be downloaded to a PC to be read, processed and analyzed.
Widely used in civil and industrial fields, data loggers are important tools in applications where monitor specified parameters within predetermined thresholds is needed.
Data loggers are available on the market in different sizes, shapes, functionalities, inputs, sampling frequencies and prices; going from one-function data loggers with single channel and more powerful programmable devices able to manage more than one input at the same time.
Battery-powered portable wireless loggers are among the most widely used, ensure secure data storage and offer huge benefits in terms of flexibility and convenience.
Wireless transmission makes data reading from individual instruments unnecessary, giving a high cost-effectiveness ratio.


Measurement data available anytime and anywhere with the MV155 datalogger


The MV155 is a multi-parametric data logger that can be powered by lithium or alkaline batteries or by an external source.
Thanks to its shape, reinforced PA6 Nylon case and MIL connectors, it is suitable for installation outdoors or in aggressive environments, where it maintains IP68 protection.

It can be configured with different combinations of digital and analog inputs, monitoring flow rate, pressure, temperature, fluid level, while providing power to external sensors. It has a high logging capacity, which can be downloaded to a PC.

Thanks to the 4G connection (with optional DNP3 protocol) it can send the stored data via e-mail, SMS or via FTP/S, easily interfacing with our ISOD@M system or with third-party systems.

The encrypted data transmission guarantees maximum security and also has an intrusion alarm function with instant alert via SMS and other wireless protocols.


Typical applications include the monitoring of the hydraulic networks of the Integrated Water Service, such as districtualization and leak monitoring, increasing the efficiency of the network and the level of safety and reliability of the processes.
The analysis of the collected data allows for predictive diagnostics and to prioritize maintenance activities.




Our specialists are at your disposal to make a correct selection of the data logger that best suits your needs, carefully evaluating the size of the data to be stored, the sampling frequency, the number and type of signals from the field and for information about the MV155 datalogger do not hesitate to contact us