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Preserving water quality: the warning of the World Water Monitoring Day

18 September, World Water Monitoring Day


Water pollution is an increasingly alarming problem that threatens the environment and the health of humans and other living beings that inhabit our planet.




The World Water Monitoring Day, established in 2003 by the American Foundation for Clean Water (ACWF), takes place every year on September 18, and it is an invitation to undertake initiatives for the protection of water quality such as, for example, the monitoring of water intended for human consumption with precise and reliable measuring instruments.


Guaranteeing the quality of drinking water with s::can: the example of Vienna

ISOIL Industria best meets the needs of analyzing water quality with the s::can probes, as you can see by the case history of Vienna: the city invested in the sustainable protection of its spring waters at a very early stage. s::can sectrometer probes have been used since 2001 and today 70 systems continuously monitor the water quality in real-time.

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Water utilities that want to guarantee the perfect quality of water intended for human consumption and at the same time simplify sampling operations, can count on s::can technologies:  do not hesitate to contact our specialists for further information.