ISOIL Industria is pleased to inform you that it has obtained the accreditation (ACCREDIA) for up to 14400 m³ / h for the new line 8 at the Libra calibration laboratory located in its Hemina Spa production center, thanks to the construction of a piezometric tower 45m in height. Libra is the accredited ISO / IEC 17025 (LAT237) calibration laboratory for measuring  Volume, Volume Capacity and Mass, and currently includes 8 calibration lines that allow the calibration of DN3 to DN3000 and flow rates of 0.0036 l / s 4000 l / s.
The calibration service is open and available to third-party companies that need calibration  certificates for any brand’s tools and based on different measurement principles (Electromagnetic, Ultrasonic, Ultrasonic, Clamp-on, Massive, Volumetric, etc.).