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Electromagnetic flowmeters in an automation system of a thermal spa

The success of a company depends on its ability to solve a difficult situation with its own skills and experience, to be flexible, to provide innovative and quality tools, to listen to the customer and put itself at his service to achieve the set goals. ISOIL is pleased to have made a valuable contribution, with the supply of ISOMAG magnetic flowmeters and making its technical expertise available, to ensure proper operation of the management and automation system of the Zalakaros spa, in Hungary.


Hungary is the country of thermal waters. One of the best Hungarian spas is the Zalakaros spa, a park that offers adrenaline slides, relaxation paths, hydrotherapy and massage programs, water attractions to regenerate and entertain people of all ages. Just like any other modern facility a thermal spa could not work without having a sophisticated BMS, building management and automation system.

In the Zalakaros thermal spa, a central control software produced by our represented company Nivelco, the Nivision software, is in operation. It makes possible measuring and optimizing the electrical power consumption, controlling the yield of the wells, measuring the temperatures of the pools ( in relation with the outer temperatures ), controlling the level of chemicals contained in pools, checking the ventilation conditioning system (humidity, air exchange in relation to the concentration of carbon dioxide); it also allows the registration and logging of changes and events for a fast reaction to failures.
Thanks to this software the spa can offer its services without interruption, improving energy efficiency.


nivision nivelco isoil industria

The Nivelco’s Nivision software displays the measurement of all instrumentation connected to the BMS. It controls the water system, the electrical system, the chemical dosing system and so on.


The system is perfectly integrated with our ISOMAG electromagnetic flow meters, which have been chosen as one of the most modern technologies currently available on the market characterized by an extraordinary quality-price ratio. Specifically, these instruments are involved in the control of the wells for water production, in the control of the pools for water consumption and in the measurement of the effluent sewage water.

In addition to electromagnetic flow meters, the BMS is connected to technologies such as temperature, pressure and level transmitters, motorized valves, contactors, frequency converters, digital and analogue controllers, GSM modems, digital routers. Infact, beside flow measurement a temperature and pressure measurement is needed and for filling and emptying the pools the control of the pumps is needed too.

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The commissioning of the entire system made it possible to optimally manage the swimming pools and water recirculation systems and led to a 50% reduction in the spa’s energy consumption.
This successful project was then presented to other managers of Spa management in Hungary, who were positively impressed by the results achieved and expressed their interest in installing similar systems.

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