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Data management terminal DMT ISONRG


The DMT (Data Managment Terminal) is a data center able to receive up to 120 M-Bus points of measure. Its can operate and monitor by M-Bus plants as complete systems with state-of-the-art technology and customer-friendly operation.
The 7” TFT touch screen display ensures easy-to-handle on-site operation without the need of a PC. Because it contains a Web server, the instrument can also be remotely operated via either
a direct telephone link (GPRS) or an Intranet/Internet network.
It can be operated with every web browser which reproduces the operating display of the instruments and allows protocol files to be created.
Existing plants can be updated very simply or else expanded as required, since the DMT is totally compatible with the earlier M-Bus protocol (EN1434).
The DMT can record plant and meter data at periodical intervals inside the internal memory (4 Gb). Can be used a SD card as a removable data carrier between the DMT and a PC if the data are recorded in the internal memory.
The size of the SD memory card determines the extent of the memory available for carrying data from the DMT. The maximum capacity of the SD card is 32 GB.
All logger files are stored exclusively in CSV format (Microsoft Excel /ASCII-File /*.CSV).
The semicolon (;) is thus used for column formatting and the carriage return (CR) for a new line.
The internal memory also contains the Linux driver, language information and the configuration data for the devices.

Technical Specifications

The data management terminal DMT, flow meters, energy meters, ultrasonic flowmeters, and industrial automation systems have been ISOIL Industria‘s passion and continuous research since 1958, and for any information or advice please do not hesitate to contact our specialists.

Technical Specifications

  • M-Bus central device with integrated Web server
  • Capacity for up to 60 or 120 M-Bus meters
  • 7” touch screen and plain text in various languages
  • Data logger with internal memory (4Gb)
  • Lan 10/100bps full duplex via RJ-45
  • Integrated telephone modems (GPRS) as optional
  • RS232 and RS485 interface
  • Wi-Fi Connection as optional
  • SD memory card slot (up to 32Gb)


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