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ISOIL looks to the future: new hires visiting the Hemina Spa headquarters

A company’s orientation towards continuous improvement and its openness to the future are based on trust in its employees and attention to their training. In a world where changes occur extremely quickly, it is essential to be flexible and willing to invest in new human resources, sharing and increasing their knowledge and skills and instilling...
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The Italian job: Using geospatial AI to improve water asset performance

Italian multi-utility, HERA Group, has adopted innovative tools based on artificial intelligence to target maintenance and detection activities across its huge pipeline network. Using a complex assessment of pipe failure risk and its consequences, HERA is pushing Italy’s ancient water system into a digital future.   Home to the Galvanina spring, Rimini in north eastern...
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5 June, World Environment Day

Measuring is the first step to gain awareness and therefore reduce consumption, emissions and environmental impacts. On the occasion of the “World Environment Day”, ISOIL Industria renews its commitment to provide measuring instruments and services of high quality, safety and sustainability to make industrial processes more efficient.   2021-2030: the decade of “Ecosystems Restoration” World...
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How to choose the right flow meter?

There are various types of flow meters available in the market, operating on different measurement principles, in response to the growing demand for such instruments in various industries. How to orient yourself in choosing the most suitable flowmeter for a specific application? Let’s look at some important aspects to consider…   A look to the...
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Water consumption: a look at the global situation

The use of water is increasing due to a combination of population growth, economic development and shifting consumption patterns. “The United Nations World Water Development Report 2021” was recently published: let’s take a look at some interesting data to understand the current state of available water resources and to highlight the need for a better...
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Geospatial artificial intelligence to reduce losses and increase resource improvement

Italian utility, Acquedotto del Fiora has implemented Rezatec’s Geospatial AI, Pipeline Risk product across 674kms of their water network to continue their mission of becoming a more data driven utility.   In Italy, regulation to reduce water leakage and provide a secure water supply is a fundamental part of resolution 917/2017. Many water utilities are...
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Oil Meter Sistemi obtains ISO 27001 certification for information security

In the current industrial scenario, characterized by Digital Transformation, companies are increasingly concerned about information security. To ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data, it is particularly important to obtain ISO 27001 certification for your information management system: let’s see what it is, how to obtain it and what advantages it brings.   Data...
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March 22nd: World Water Day

Without a full understanding of the value of water we will not be able to safeguard this finite and irreplaceable resource. The theme of water enhancement is at the center of the World Water Day, which will be celebrated on 22 March.   How much is the water worth? The value of water is higher...
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March 8th, Women’s Day: when female genius meets science and technology

The greatest inventions are often the result of insights, different theories and works that are not always given due fatherhood or, in many cases, motherhood. On the occasion of 8 March, International Women’s Day, we wish to pay tribute to women by highlighting their important contribution in the field of science and technology.   Scientists...
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Preventing the risk of fire with the MT40 Grounding System for Tank Trucks, Rail Tankers, IBCs and Drums

“Two teams of firefighters arrive to put out the fire that broke out: it’s just after 3.00 pm and the foreman, 50 years old, wife and two children, just in time to shout «everyone go away», then he is killed by the violent explosion of the tanker”: serious episodes of this type are not uncommon...
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ISOIL Industria will participate in MECOTech Conference 2021 by GISI

From 1 to 5 March 2021, MECOTech will be held, the online event for which visitors will not have to travel to find and discover the news and strategies of 2021, but can comfortably view them remotely and intercept the one that best suits their business. Measurement (MEasurement) and Control (COntrol) instrumentation is now part...
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The ISOIL Lamon calibration laboratory is INMETRO accredited

An important milestone reached by the Brazilian branch of ISOIL Industria Spa, ISOIL Lamon based in Belo Horizonte, the calibration laboratory called “Hydros”, was in fact officially approved and certified according to the ISO 17025 standard by INMETRO, Brazilian National Institute of Metrology, quality and technology standardization and quality Brazilian industrialist. The result achieved confirms...
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