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5 June, World Environment Day

Measuring is the first step to gain awareness and therefore reduce consumption, emissions and environmental impacts. On the occasion of the “World Environment Day”, ISOIL Industria renews its commitment to provide measuring instruments and services of high quality, safety and sustainability to make industrial processes more efficient.


2021-2030: the decade of “Ecosystems Restoration”

World Environment Day is celebrated annually on 5 June, a day established by the UN in 1972, when the United Nations Environment Program was defined during the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment.

This year, the theme is Restoration of Ecosystems“. A study published in the journal “Frontiers in Forests and Global Change” reveals that ecosystems are in grave danger: only 3% of the land is ecologically intact. To combat the climate crisis and protect food security, water supply and biodiversity, a change of direction must be implemented: from the exploitation of nature to its care.

The United Nations Organization has established a ten-year period to enhance the efforts of all countries to restore degraded or destroyed ecosystems. This decade will also serve to encourage people to consume natural resources more consciously and responsibly.


Achieving efficiency, with intelligent technologies and services

The measuring instruments (for gas, biogas, air, liquids, steam and energy) and the solutions (for detection, control, accounting and data recording) provided by ISOIL Industria contribute to the protection of the environment and the safeguarding of natural resources in many sectors.

For the water sector, the company provides technologies and services aimed at identifying and preventing critical issues and reducing losses. To ensure the availability of water, the measurement of the flow rate is a fundamental operation: the storage, distribution, treatment of water could not be performed without the technology of flow meters, provided by ISOIL Industria since 1958.

The company also offers a valuable contribution in tackling the problem of water losses. Thanks to the software distributed exclusively for the Italian market of Rezatec, which exploits geospatial technologies and artificial intelligence, water utilities can identify the probability of a leak occurring for each single section of the network. Through this system it is possible to detect 30% of the network where 70% of the problems reside.

Environmental sustainability also guides ISOIL Industria’s activity in the energy sector. Using energy more efficiently is one of the fastest, most cost-effective ways to minimise our overall energy demand, reduce the use of fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions.

The ISONRG energy meters with the relevant certification MID-MI004/EN1434 are an essential element of the energy efficiency process.

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The responsibility of the company towards the environment goes beyond the supply of products and solutions: it takes form in the adoption of an Environmental Management System compliant with the most advanced standard, UNI EN ISO 14001 and in the choice of supporting  FAI every year (Italian Environment Fund).

The restoration of ecosystems will only take place if everyone does their part: ISOIL Industria will continue to carry out its activities with this awareness and with the certainty that World Environment Day must be celebrated every day…with concrete actions!