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Water sector challenges and innovations at the WDSA/CCWI conference

We are proud to be Gold Sponsor of the joint WDSA/CCWI (Water Distribution Systems Analysis / Computing and Control for the Water Industry) conference, an international event on the analysis and control of water distribution systems to be held in Ferrara  from July 1st to 4th. The event brings together representatives of the academic world, but also institutions, professionals and water utilities to address problems in the field of management and modeling of urban water systems.


A prestigious event in a suggestive city

Ferrara, one of the culturally most important Italian Renaissance cities and which has always been the backdrop to a delicate balance between land and water, will host the fourth edition of the WDSA/CCWI joint conference (Water Distribution Systems Analysis /Computing and Control Water Industry).

The focus of the event (held since 1999 in various international locations such as Cincinnati, Tucson, Adelaide, Bari and Cartagena) are the challenges, innovations and methodologies regarding water distribution systems; the CCWI conference instead focuses on the modeling and control of water systems, with particular reference to the world of the water industry.
The event involves administrations, public and private, national and international operators, technicians and researchers working in the field of management of aqueduct systems and sewerage networks.

The strength of synergy: sharing knowledge and skills for the evolution of the water sector

During the four days, multiple speeches will take place, as well as courses and workshops, which will allow professionals in the sector, coming from various national and international contexts, to exchange ideas and share experiences relating to the management, monitoring and optimization of water systems.

Specifically, the main topics of the conference are:

– Sustainable and intelligent urban water systems: intelligent solutions for measurement, monitoring and predictive maintenance in urban water systems and concrete applications of the concepts of circular economy and sustainability in the water cycle to address the increasingly serious problem of water scarcity in the current scenario characterized by climate change.

– Water distribution network planning and management: the latest advances in modeling, optimization and monitoring of the water distribution network and innovative technologies available on the market for water demand forecasting, identifying leaks in pipelines, analysis of water quality and safety etc.

– Management of irrigation networks and urban water systems in emergency situations, for example during pandemics, water shortages, natural disasters.

– IoT in urban water systems: innovative and emerging sensors and technologies for real-time monitoring, data management, communication and analysis, and the “digital twin” approach for a more efficient governance of urban water cycle.

– Advances and proposals relating to drainage, sewer and wastewater wastewater treatment.

If you would like more details and updates regarding the initiative, the conditions of participation and the registration fees, we recommend consulting the website


Cutting-edge measuring instruments at the service of water utilities

We are pleased to be Golden Sponsor of the joint WDSA/CCWI conference because we fully agree with the importance of sharing experiences and know-how on water networks, measurement activities and Internet of things technologies.
The goal is making significant progress together in reducing waste and management costs, in the identification and prevention of environmental risks and in strengthening support for strategic decisions of water service managers.
To improve the efficiency of water networks we offer a wide range of measuring instruments: water metering instruments, electromagnetic and ultrasonic flowmeters, probes for water quality analysis.

Our specialists are available to find the solution best suited to your needs.