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We look forward to seeing you at ECOMONDO and KEY ENERGY, the reference events for ecological transition

ECOMONDO, the reference event in Europe for technological innovation and the circular economy, returns to Rimini from 8 to 11 November at the city’s Exhibition Center.
In conjunction with the event will take place KEY ENERGY, the fair with a focus on renewable energy, storage systems, energy efficiency, urban regeneration, sustainable mobility, lighting and smart grids.
ISOIL Industria will not miss both appointments: we will present our solutions in the field of water, energy and sustainable development.


Towards a new model of Economy

The linear economy model, based on the exploitation of resources which, although not unlimited, are considered as such, is no longer sustainable for our planet. To minimize the waste of natural resources it is increasingly urgent to adopt a new economic model, which aims at reuse and more efficient management, control and monitoring of production systems.
Starting from the observation of the mechanisms present in natural systems, the circular economy model has established itself, according to which economic systems must function as organisms, in which nutrients are processed and used, to then be reintroduced into both the biological and technical to be reused also by other organisms. The countdown’s begun for two key events that gather the technological excellence linked to the circular economy. 


ECOMONDO, Europe’s leading event for Green Economy

The road to ecological transition has been traced and passes through Rimini, where ECOMONDO, the reference fair in Europe and the Mediterranean for technological and industrial innovation in the green and circular economy sector, will return from 8 to 11 November.

The event, now in its 25th edition, will take place in the European context of the Green Deal and the Next Generation EU and will focus on four themes: waste management, circular bioeconomy and bioenergy, water treatment, bioremediation treatment of contaminated sites. The rich calendar of conferences and seminars with expert researchers and companies also includes special insights relating to the textile industry, environmental protection, food waste, sanitation for the prevention and health of workplaces and national start-ups and international companies active in the renewable energy sector.

The recovery of raw materials and energy is part of the strategy for sustainable development and ISOIL Industria provides innovative measurement technologies that can perfectly fulfill this purpose.
By renewing our commitment to address environmental challenges, we will present our integrated solutions for water monitoring and better management of water infrastructures at Ecomondo.

We will be present at Hall D2 booth 020.  Book your ticket to participate!


KEY ENERGY, the international fair dedicated to the entire energy supply chain

The renewable energy sector is growing in Italy, a country that aims at 70% green energy production by 2030, and in this scenario KEY ENERGY is an unmissable event.

The event, now in its 25th edition, showcases solutions and excellence of Italian and international companies to favor and accelerate the transition process towards a carbon-neutral economy and includes a rich program of conferences that will address topical issues such as systems of accumulation, urban regeneration, sustainable mobility, lighting, smart grids, legislative updates, development trends and new emerging markets.

We will present our energy efficiency technologies and solutions at Hall B5 booth 185.

Read the event program and book your ticket!


We will also participate, as sponsor and speaker, in the Smart Utility Hub, a space for talk, networking, including one-to-one and co-working in Hall D7 dedicated to the themes of innovation in the Energy and Utility sector, organized by Energia Media in collaboration with important companies, associations, PA and research institutions.
The goal is to tell the experiences of Italian utilities and their technological partners, and of the territories, through expert speeches, all in a smart city and smart land key.

Consult the program and don’t miss our speech!