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ISOFLUX™ IFX-P210 Portable flow meter clamp-on.

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Brochure & Data Sheet

Battery operated Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flow Meter Designed for temporary site installation
Easy and fast to install thanks to non-invasive sensors based on transit time ultrasonic principle.
Large battery capacity intended for long-term installation hanks to modular battery packs grating up to more than 3 months continue measuring.
Robust and sealable IP67 housing granting measurement and instrument safety.
One sensors pair able to cover process pipes from DN 50 to DN 3000
Integral logger allowing up to 1.000.000 of measured data storage.
Delivered with software for data download and management.
4-20 mA, pulse or relay process outputs available on request
Installation of sensors driven by software, for easy identification of the correct positions.
Suitable for a variety of applications from water network for leak detection and district metering, to temporary replace in line flow meter, to industrial installation on corrosive or dangerous media.
For more information, see the attached data sheet.

Brochure & Data Sheet

Brochure download

Data Sheet download

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